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Knowledge of Family Planning and Use of Contraceptives among the Nyishi Women

Corresponding Author: Dr. Sanjenbam Yaiphaba Meitei, Department of Anthropology, Manipur University, Imphal 795003, Manipur,
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KEYWORDS Family planning, contraception, knowledge, practice, Nyishi

Introduction: Family planning is the best and quickest way to reduce the ever-increasing population growth. It is achieved through the use of contraceptives. The study aims to assess contraceptive awareness, practices, attitudes and determinants among married Nyishi women. This study analyses the societal variables that influence the usage of contraceptives and the difficulties that come with it. 

Methodology: This mixed-method study was conducted among 75 married Nyishi women from Rono village in Arunachal Pradesh. Information on personal details and contraceptives used were collected using a semi-structured schedule. The quantitative data were statistically analysed. Narrative analysis was also conducted to record the attitudes and experiences of the women studied.
Results: The majority (88%) had knowledge of family planning. However, only 62.66% of them had ever used contraceptives. The number of conceptions was found to have a significant association with contraceptive usage (p < 0.05). Traditional methods were the most commonly used method, and low involvement of men was observed. The case study reveals the mixed attitude of Nyishi women on using contraceptives.
Conclusion: A gap is seen between contraceptive knowledge and practice. Targeted health awareness to bring about behavioural change is required, along with community awareness programs to increase the use of contraceptives. There is also a need to educate and motivate couples to achieve better and appropriate contraceptives practices.

Erika Pebam¹ and Sanjenbam Yaiphaba Meitei¹

¹Department of Anthropology, Manipur University, Imphal 795003, Manipur

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Frontier Anthropology, 2023, 12: 53-63
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