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Occupational Risks and Health Problems among the Traffic Police Personnel in Imphal City of Manipur, India: A Brief Report

Corresponding Author: Huidrom Suraj Singh, Assistant Professor, Deptt of Anthropology, Manipur University Email:

Malvika Yumnam, Thangjam Chitralekha Devi and Huidrom Suraj Singh
Department of Anthropology, Manipuri University, Imphal

DOI: 06.2021-23183131
DOI Link :: Anthropology/V9/A7


Frontier Anthropology, 2020, 9: 55-60
©Anthropological Society of Manipur


KEYWORDS Occupational risk, Traffic Police, Occupational Health, Hazardous factors

ABSTRACT One of the many occupations which involve exposure to potential health hazardous factors is traffic policemen. The study was conducted to determine the prevalence of work-induced health problems among traffic police personnel and assess the awareness status and adoption of preventive measures from work-related hazardous factors. This cross-sectional study was carried out among 77 male traffic policemen serving in Imphal city, Manipur. Personal information on their behavioural habits, morbidities, awareness status, and preventive measures against hazardous health factors was collected along with anthropometric and physiological measurements. The results show that a higher percentage of body pain (85.71%) due to extensive-standing posture in their duties and hearing problems (75.32%) caused by vehicular noise pollution are observed among the traffic policemen. The prevalence of anxiety (77.92%) and hypertension stage II (32.47%) are high occupational risks among them. A total of 47% of the personnel have mild anaemia, while 9.09% in moderate anaemic condition. None of the traffic policemen used earplugs during duty hour. In conclusion, the study reveals that traffic police personnel are constantly exposed to health hazards due to their occupation. Body pain, anxiety, hypertensive and hearing problems are widely prevalent among them. Periodical health check-up is needed to monitor the impact of occupational health hazards on traffic policemen.

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